Client Care

My career began in client relations; I love talking with people and am really great at it. I can be your “people person”, whether through email, over the phone, or on social media.

Why TrueSkills

As a small business owner you have a lot to keep track of, from the smallest details, like spell checking emails and web content, to the biggest—your company’s vision. With so much to check off your to-do list each day, it can be very easy to spend hours at a time on small—though important—tasks, foregoing the essential work of putting your concepts into action and solidifying your vision. Partnering with a virtual assistant with specialized skills and experience will ensure that everything on your list gets done quickly and professionally, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and move your business forward more quickly. The following are a few key areas you may want to consider partnering with a virtual assistant on.


Below is a list of just some of the administrative tasks I have partnered with clients on. If you don’t see a service you’re looking for, contact me—chances are I have done it before or can quickly figure it out for you. Administrative work is a never-ending chore with a vast array of components. Let us handle some of the following for you:

  • Procedure document creation
  • Operations manual creation
  • Scheduling your meetings and appointments directly to your online calendar
  • Clearing out, flagging and organizing your email inbox
  • LeadPages creation and implementation
  • Toll Everywhere creation and implementation
  • Product launch management
  • Real estate services
  • Designing and formatting slides for your next speaking event
  • Transcribing your conference notes, audio and video files


My experience with includes setting up your account, integrating the cart system into your websites, customizing it, branding, and sending out auto-responders and campaigns.

Project Management

Being organized, especially as a small business owner with a long to-do list, keeps your business productive, focused, and profitable—and keeps you sane. While it is very easy to talk about being organized, staying organized is something else entirely. As a small business owner, you have so many balls up in the air at once that you may find keeping your projects, team members, and schedule organized difficult. As a virtual assistant that specializes in project management, I can help you keep your business running smoothly.

First, I highly recommend that you store or backup all documents in the cloud, since this is a great way to protect them from computer crashes or viruses. Additionally, it’s a much cleaner, faster way to share files and information if you work with a virtual team. I have experience using several cloud-based services and can help you set this up for your business.

Most importantly, I help all of my clients set up an online project management system. It is very easy to let things slip through the cracks if they are written on little sticky notes all over your office. By entering all of your projects and tasks in a project management system, setting due dates, and assigning to the proper team members, you ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and nothing is forgotten.

Website Design

Your website is one of your strongest marketing tools, and often the first place people go to learn more about you. Just like on a first date, you want a first website visit to make a good impression! A beautifully designed website is a must-have for any business with an online presence.

Free Consultation

We invite you to participate in a free consultation. Our free consultation is designed to help identify the best path for you to achieve you new goal on business  and growth. This may include working with us and/or identifying others who can help you achieve your goals.
We look forward to having you participate in our free consultation! We set aside this time specifically for you to answer your questions and provide you with our suggestions.



Hello & welcome. I’m Arindom, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! Are you a small business owner, professional motivational coach or self-employed entrepreneur struggling to find enough time in your day to focus on what you really love?

We are a full-service virtual assistant firm that is your go-to partner for all your business’ needs!

If you’re great at seeing the big picture and realizing you need a partner to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, let’s chat.

We specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs organize, promote, and scale their brand through social media, copywriting, marketing, graphic & web design, technical & administrative services. If you would like to chat, please schedule a . I’d love to hear from you!

Hello. My name is Arindom, I am the owner and founder of True skills. It’s nice to meet you!

I have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and small business owners over the years – from coaches, marketers, and productivity experts to consultants, doctors-helping them streamline their businesses and build their brand. The areas that I specialize in are social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, administration, WordPress  opt-ins, leadpages, technical support and client relations — however, I offer a lot of other services too. I have been doing this for over 3 years!


  • empower the work 100%
  • Client care 100%
  • Administration 100%

Client Care

Your clients ARE your business, so developing and maintaining strong, healthy relationships with them is key to long-term success.


Once those annoying little tasks are out of the way, you can focus your talents on the parts of your business that nobody else can do. You have the expertise necessary to handle the challenging, rewarding side of running your business.

Project Management

Being organized, especially as a small business owner with a long to-do list, keeps your business productive, focused, and profitable—and keeps you sane. While it is very easy to talk about being organized, staying organized is something else entirely

Email Marketing

Email marketing includes every email sent to a customer or potential client, whether you are emailing a newsletter or ezine, promotion, new blog post link, or personal messag

Sales Pages

A good sales page tells the story of your product or service in an engaging way. The goal is to hook the potential customer and draw them in. Our work on sales copy for many clients has given us the tools to design a sales landing page that accomplishes its goal and makes the sale


offers an array of services from social media and marketing to web & graphic design and copywriting. Here is a general listing of some of the services that we offer


We use the finest Wool/Cashmere fabric blends, have fully customisable design options and the best fitting suits.


We use the finest Wool/Cashmere fabric blends, have fully customisable design options and the best fitting suits.

Australian Success Academy

Australian Success Academy about helping you to discover how to accelerate making improvements in your life by modeling others who have already proven success in life.

Australian Success Academy provides courses on Hypnotherapy, Sales, Goal Setting, Relationships, Health and NLP.


FairGo Communications

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Communicate with Your Team and Build Your Business Using Slack

Slack is a platform for team communication that can be accessed online from anywhere, as well as via desktop and mobile applications. It acts like an instant messaging program, but goes beyond that, allowing you to organize everything into easily searchable channels. Some of the features include drag-and-dropping files into your chat window, hosting a virtual meeting, privately messaging team members, and much, much more. In fact, Slack is deceptively simple and easy to use, but it is a real powerhouse.

What Slack is good for:-

  • Real-time Communication-
    Slack is like any other instant messenger, in that it allows you to see when your team members are typing, and all messages appear instantly. You can message your whole team, tag members by using @username, or send private messages.
  • Keeping Your Inbox Clean-
    Slack allows you to respond to time-sensitive messages as soon as a notification or alert shows up, but doesn’t send you back into the endless sea of emails to get distracted from whatever else you’re working on.
  • Organizing Conversations-
    By creating separate channels for discussing different projects or types of work, you can make sure only the people who need to be involved in a conversation are. All the discussion for that topic stays contained to the correct channel, allowing you to know at a glance what is being discussed.
  • Sharing Files Instantly-
    Slack makes it easy to attach any kind of file to a conversation, so everyone can stay up to date.
  • Searching EVERYTHING-
     Search for them to find it again. You can also search the contents of any PDF or Word files uploaded to slack.

  What It Isn’t Good For:-

  • Long form Communication-

Emails are still king when it comes to writing up longer messages and making sure all that information stays together. Slack lets conversations happen, which means longer messages can get broken up and interrupted.

  • Project Management-
    For all its strengths, Slack still isn’t very helpful when it comes to tracking who is working on what, when due dates are coming up, or whether tasks have been completed. For that you still need a good project management system (my favourite is Asana). A virtual assistant can help you get one set up!
  • More Difficult Conversations-

Slack is not the best platform. It’s great for quick day-to-day questions and updates, but not a good choice for anything more involved.

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