The year 2020, the end of a decade has not been quite up to our expectations with a series of dire events within the first three months that have taken the world by fear and despair.

The recent event that has been listed as a pandemic, also known by its street name ‘Coronavirus’ has left the world in fear and trauma. Covid-19 is a worldwide scale virus that has taken the world by storm and has affected over 70 thousand people with 1800 deaths and on a rise.

Many countries have gone into lockdowns and people are going into isolation to prevent themselves from getting infected. As this is a major issue, world governments have taken certain initiatives to aware the people to protect themselves from the virus. They have initiated certain health-related disciplines such as wearing masks, carrying hand-sanitizers or sprays, decreasing social meets, shutting down workplaces to avoid more influence of the virus. These initiatives should be taken by the people as a public health issue.

Wuhan after the outbreak of the virus has seen a high decrease in their pollution graph as people have started taking high-end measures to stop themselves from getting infected. The decrease in pollution is from 10-30 percent to average.

Covid-19 is a virus that leads a person to live a healthy and clean life. It bounds a human to stay sanitized. The places not much affected are lagging behind in taking measures to fight coronavirus.

People are still not taking basic measures like using face masks and hand sanitizers to keep themselves safe. As one of the examples, in India Coronavirus has still not reached a national threat level and the number of cases of affected and infected is quite less. If this epidemic has an outburst in such a populated country it can catch fire within a week and spread all over the country.

People are still carefree and very few are taking measures to keep themselves safe. In Gujarat, India, an event was organized to fight corona by drinking the urine of the cow as an antibiotic for corona. Around 200 people attended this event showing their faith in the cow’s urine rather than the measures allocated by the UNO. The sage “Baba Ramdev” got hospitalized due to drinking a large amount of cow urine to fight Coronavirus.

The pandemic that has been out in the world is increasing day by day and taking measures to avoid is a step we all should take. People are not excited about the virus as the death rate is not equal to the infected rate, yet it could increase in the near future as scientists have said that it could affect 60% of the world population. If an individual does not take any measures it will lead to a greater cause which could soon slip from hand.