With the increasing momentum of industrialization and globalization, the world has become a very tiny place. You can connect with anyone and from anywhere within a few seconds. Internet is at the tip of your fingers giving you the authority to interact with the world without even leaving your bedroom. It has become that simple!

Therefore the online activities have increased to the ultimate core. A cell phone, besides its primary usage, has many other uses. From buying stuff online to watching movies, everything can be done over the phone and it has imbibed itself in the day to day routine of a human. As long as you have an internet connection, everything is quite convenient for you. 

One of the important uses of the internet is online payments. Buyers and sellers on the internet find it very convenient and accessible and it has become a very active mode of doing business. The technological approach has made it very easy. The world has become cashless and you can send and receive money on your smartphone. Consumers are also becoming very much accustomed to this online method of transferring money.

E-commerce sites, which people use widely for every basic amenities, have encouraged the use of the online methods. This guides them to focus on the business more. It is very advantageous for them as it cuts out a lot of workloads. Consumers use online payment systems such as credit and debit cards as it is hassle-free and there is no involvement of physical cash. Since it is preferred by most of the people, businessmen and traders accept it for the optimization of their business. It saves time and it is not unfitting at all.

Online payment methods have become a part of a day to day life. It has become an alternative to traditional physical money. People use it for buying of commodities, be it material things or paying for services. Online payments have now slowly absorbed itself into the Digital Age and it is now on the verge of replacing the traditional system.

Apart from its uses, online transactions have a lot of drawbacks. If you are not cautious enough, it might rip off all your bank balances. There are highly smart people who are well skilled leaving you in tatter. The security is very less unless you follow the rules. A lot of people have the tendency of getting their accounts hacked because of a mistake or being careless. The risk of loss and theft is cut down yet you have to play safely in order to keep the threats to the least possible.

Furthermore, whenever you are doing an online transaction, the company has a database of all the IDs and Passwords. If you do not have a trusted service, you should not opt for it. Also, you need to have internet access every time and everywhere. There is a serious rise in cyber crimes and identity thefts jeopardizing your possessions.

One such platform of online payments is PayPal. Paypal is one of the most widely known and fastest-growing companies. It operates the online transaction system globally. It has also become a very trusted platform for money transactions. A large number of people use it on a daily basis. The restrictions in these kinds of companies make it slightly vexatious for a lot of people. The number of transactions as well as transactions in a day is restricted to a certain limit. 

But the question here is that ‘Is PayPal safe for online transactions’? Almost all the companies that operate online transaction is at peril to some extent. Nothing is fully safe. PayPal is a reputed company and it has an ample amount of security that safeguards your identity and possessions while being online. 

To ensure that customers have a safe and happy transaction, companies have come up with various strategies to minimize all the threats. A user has to have a special identification besides just a password. There are lots of biometric security systems like fingerprint lock, face recognition, and many more to defend against deceits. 

Summing up, online transactions have a lot of disadvantages but they are subdued by its benefits undoubtedly. I hope, in the years to come, there will be more security provided by the company so that people overcome the uneasiness that they go through during this payment system.