Administrative Work, Data Base Management and Personal Tasks

Finding information off the internet, product and service research, creating presentations, compiling reports, contact details and much much more.

Handling data efficiently and tactfully to ensure the highest productivity and requirements. Management of your data and records and updating it regularly.

Creating and updating contracts, handling social media presence, planning travel and making your life easier by searching for the right gift for a friend.

Ghost Writing, Article Writing, News Writing

Businesses require content to stand out in the SEO dominated world; providing quality content to provide value, improving and rewriting old content.

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Providing state of the art websites
those are built on security and reliability.


Web Development

Making the website easy to use
while maintaining compatibility across all devices.

Meet Our Team

Arindam Das

Product Creator, Team Manager, Digital Marketer, Technical Recruiter, Web Developer with a passion for travel and new challenges.

Anushree Basu

Assistant Virtual Assistant, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketer, Product Researcher, eCommerce Manager with a passion for learning new skills.

Irshad Ahmad

Data entry specialist with a typing speed of 50 wpm; specialist in accounts and spreadsheets with a knack for creating beautiful reports with charts.

Shrawan Sewa

Content Writer, Content Editor & Developer and Customer Delight Expert with a passion for reading mystery books and watching Netflix on weekends.

Shasank Hung Subba

Innovative Social media manager with wide experience in creating content and managing the online presence of companies trend-aware social media accounts on various platforms, resulting in an active community of followers.

Anupam Das

UX/UI front end and back end developer, designer and content editor. Expertise in creating world-class projects for leading world-class brands, agencies, and startups. Curious and confident With a passion in playing video games and travelling.

What They Say

I have worked with Arindom almost full-time for 2 years. His support and assistance has been excellent, especially the insight and loyalty he brings to his work. I have found his skills very flexible – he has been able to excel in almost every task assigned, whether it was “in his field” or outside it.

Lance Hunt

Arindom did a great job with the data entry project. He adapted and learned quickly what we were looking for and did an amazing job for us.

Trevor Kowitz

Thank you Jeet for being an integral part of our team for the last 18 months. Jeet is an exceptional person – very loyal and talented. We could not have asked for a better person to be on this journey with us. All the best for the future Jeet, we know you’ll do well and we hope to work with you again in the future. Many thanks.

Ross Townson, LLM

Arindom has good skills and he is quite forthcoming. He did well in his initial assignment. In addition he was quite direct in his approach about not being able to complete the second task on time and offered solutions to enable the task to be completed on time.

Anil Warrier

Arindom is a hard worker who has a wide skill set. He does what he says when he says he will do it and I couldn’t ask for more. I have now hired him on an hourly basis and I look forward to our continued work together. Thanks Arindom!

Brian Kidwell

Arindom was great! Always did good work.There are better words to describe him as a person but this is the best I could come up with at the moment.very supportive person Arindom

Jaryd Krause

Professional hard working contractor. I only have good things to say about Arindom.

Andrew Lacy

Arindom is a skilled office administrator with a very high level of English. The project we assigned him was quite larger than we anticipated but Arindom stayed committed and completed the project as requested. Unfortunately, there was some confusion about the instructions for this task – which in term delayed the overall completion date. I would recommend Arindom for future projects, under the condition that project instructions are fully understood and demonstrated by contractor.

Rebecca Levine

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